Safety and legality is our number one rule.

Safety and legality is our number one rule. The ever changing rules and regulations of Commercial drone flight can change daily. Here at Droteam it is our duty to not only safely operate our Drones but to also follow the rules.

All our Pilots are FAA Commercially certified under PART 107  Please download the full FAA rules here. PART 107  rules

The biggest problem for commercial operations are airports. We are not allowed to operate any commercial drone flight within a Tower Operated airport. Distance to any controlled airport is 5nm.   Everything is possible of course but one must apply for a waiver (*). This cant be done overnight, and has to be applied for by the FAA (substantial waiting periods are current)

Below are the FAA regulations, not following these rules can lead to a penalty of up to 30 000$ and or 4 years imprisonment..

Aircraft Requirements:
Less than 55 lbs.
Must be registered

Operating Rules:
Class G airspace*
Must keep the aircraft in sight (visual line-of-sight)*
Must fly under 400 feet*
Must fly during the day*
Must fly at or below 100 mph*
Must yield right of way to manned aircraft*
Must NOT fly over people*
Must NOT fly from a moving vehicle** 
All of these rules are subject to waiver


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